You can begin your driving lessons before you have even started studying

for your theory test, but you cannot book a practical test until
you have actually passed the theory.
It really makes sense to get the theory test out of the way as soon as you can
because the knowledge you gain will really help with your driving.
The test consists of two parts - multiple choice questions and then a hazard
perception exercise where you watch a series of short videos and click
the mouse every time you spot a hazard.
Most pupils study on their own, however our instructors can offer guidance
or even teach you the theory if required.
    What publications to buy  
    Theory Test Pro  
    Booking your theory test  


The problem with the self-study route is that there are more companies
producing reading material than there are questions in the actual test!
We recommend that you buy the official DVSA publications as they will be the most
up-to-date and are actually very well written.
The full range is stocked by most branches of W H Smith or you can visit the on-line
store of The Stationery Office which is the DVSA's official outlet.
Of course you can shop around other places, but we have found the prices of 
both these suppliers to be very competitive.
Next problem is that there are loads of DVSA books, so which ones do you go for ? 
Here are our recommendations...........


    This paperback contains all the material you need to learn with bucket-loads of test questions.

It is also available as a DVD-ROM if you prefer to read a computer screen than a book.

    This DVD contains videos for you to practice clicking that mouse every time you see a hazard !  
    The Theory Test Kit includes the Hazard Perception DVD and the DVD-ROM version of the theory test book......with a great cost saving !  
    You really must have a copy of the official rules of the road.

It only costs a couple of quid and makes great bedtime reading !

    The Official Highway Code book contains the more-common road signs.

This publication goes into much more depth and is designed to compliment the Highway Code.

Great for those sleepless nights when the Highway Code on its own is just not enough !

    "Essential Skills" is considered to be the bible of motoring advice.

Your instructor will have a copy and be very familiar with its contents, but if you want to take your swotting to a whole new level and give yourself the best chance at passing the practical test, this is the book to buy !

    This publication is not needed if you are learning with us.

It is useful reading for your friends or parents if they are helping you to practice.



Just one word of warning - if you are ordering online, most of the paperbacks
are also available as e-books or interactive downloads and it's very easy
to select the wrong type !




If you have an iPhone or iPad, the DVSA produces an excellent App for the
 Theory and Hazard Perception Test.  It is available from the iTunes Store.





Are you normally very wary of joining things online and ending up with loads of

logins that you don't need, especially if they are free and promise the Earth?
Theory Test Pro claims to double your chances of success.....thing does!
We are a partner with Theory Test Pro and all our pupils receive free access to the
service - study material, endless mock theory tests and hazard perception videos.
All the questions are authorised from the latest DVSA database.


  Case studies help you understand the theory  
  While you are studying a topic you can access real DVSA test questions  
  .......and then have a go at a full test!  


The hazard perception videos are excellent quality and provide help
if your mouse clicks are missing the mark.




The great thing is that your instructor can see your test results in detail and can
go through anything you are not sure about during your next driving lesson.
The not so great thing is that we can also see how often you study!!!!!


.......but don't worry too much as the instructor dashboard sometimes gets it wrong
Poor Louisa spent 21 hours doing one test and got absolutely nothing right while Nicole managed to do six
hazard perception videos in less than a minute and spotted half the that takes some doing!!!!!


When the time comes to book your theory test, you must go to the official
Government Website where the fee is currently 25.
Beware that if you search for the test on something like Google, you will come across
lots of links to other sites that charge more, but offer a "guaranteed pass".
There are always catches with these schemes, for example having to wait a long
time before you can re-book a second attempt.
Far better to just..........



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